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I’m here to provide the perfect refreshment for your skin, in a handy spritz bottle. I’m enriched with delicate floral extracts such a Rose and Camomile to leave your skin feeling clean, healthy and suitably quenched. I help absorb excess oils, restore your skin’s balance and moisturise. But my biggest superpower is closing your pores up after a good cleanse to stop dirt, dust and debris clogging up your skin (Which leads to spots, blackheads and worse!) + with added Aloe vera and seaweed I’m also seriously soothing.

This Facial Water is designed to:
 Targets Dry Skin
 Protects against Pollution
 Targets Pigmentation, Uneven skin tone and dark circles
Cleanses skin making it less prone to Spots, Pimples and Blemishes
Clears Pores and your Complexion
Visibly Reduces Redness
Refreshes Skin Moisturises skin
Calming for the mind and body
Can be used as part of Spa Treatments
Gives skin a natural glow

The Neroli Face toner is formulated for people who are looking for a cleansing, anti-bacterial and refreshing facial spritz that will help calm skin, moisturise with a luxurious scent - Not only that but brighten, nourish and give your skin vibrancy.

Using this Toner regularly you can expect visibly more cleaner, healthier and more hydrated skin. The water when used with a cotton pad can help mop of excess dry skin,
Sebum and pollutants.


Refresh Me - Neroli and Aloe Face Toner (200ml)

SKU: floral-face-toner1586393495
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