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This Beauty Set is a retinol lovers Dream; a dewy duo that will help prevent AND help to reverse all signs of ageing such as Wrinkles, Fine lines, Crepey skin and Age spots. Both products are known and loved by millions worldwide for giving them glowy, younger looking and softer skin. With this kit you'll save around £60 off compared to buying separately so if you're looking to invest in your skin for the long run, this set is for you or makes a luxurious gift for a special occasion. 

This Kit contains 2 x Full Sized Egyptian Gold Retinol Serum and 2 x Full Sized Egyptian Gold Retinol Night Gels 

They're both made with 1% Retinol  to increase cell turnover and stimulate Collagen synthesis and Hyaluronic Acid to attract moisture to the the skin and it will deliver potent and fast working ingredients straight to the skin. Retinol serums take around 2 months of continuous usage to see results. This may seem like a long time but the results are worth it so patience is key.

✰ Targets the first signs of ageing (Crows Feet, Fine Lines, Pigmentation, Sagging skin)
✰ Renews Skin Faster
✰ Targets Pigmentation, Uneven skin tone and dark circles
✰ Clears Spots, Pimples, Blemishes and Emerging spots faster*
✰ Clears Pores and your Complexion
✰ Visibly Reduces Redness
✰ Encourages Cell turnover
✰ Moisturises skin

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Egyptian Gold Glow Set

SKU: egyptian-gold-glow-set693692296
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