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Hi, I'm the Grounded Coconut Lip Scrub, It's nice to meet you. 

I'm the little tropical lip scrub packed with Vitamins, Minerals and Anti-Oxidants essential for plump, juicy and flake-free lips.

✰ Perfect for Smoothing Dry, Cracked and Flakey lips that in need of a little Love

✰ I Enrich and moisturise lips with extra virgin Coconut Oil lips are left soft and very hydrated
✰ I also help scrub away dry, dead and flaky skin gently with sugar granules.
✰ I contain Jojoba Oil to give your lips a glossy shine.
✰ I taste of Delicious Sugary Cherry Dreams
✰ Travel Sized 
✰ Use Before Lipstick for a smooth, glossy base

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    Coconut Lip Exfoliant Scrub (30g)

    SKU: coconut-lip-scrub871715072
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