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Your dry skin is just one scrub away. And here it is.

Meet the Chocolate Orange Coffee Scrub; A delicious smelling skin treat to give you flawless, soft and smooth skin everyday. Filled with Vitamins, Minerals and Anti-oxidants it will take your skin from Rough to Buff.

What does it do?
Aside from smelling absolutely incredible, this Body Scrub will make your skin extremely smooth to touch, it will nourish it with luxurious oils, it will scrub away dry, dead and flakey skin, it will brighten a dull complexion, it will help tone skin, it helps to boost blood circulation, it will give you a beautiful canvas for make-up and fake tan application, it will cleanse, It will moisturise and it will give you super gorgeous, plump, selfie worthy skin.

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Chocolate Orange Coffee Full Body Scrub

SKU: chocolate-orange-body-scrub1410165033
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